Asset Tags - "VALUMARK" Labels
Asset Tags & Labels, Bar Code labels


Available with or without a bar code, "VALUMARK" Labels are an ideal solution for indoor asset tracking. The flexible polypropylene material easily conforms to curved or uneven surfaces and the pressure-sensitive adhesive provides excellent adhesion to stubborn plastic surfaces. Subsurface printing ensures maximum clarity and protection, ensuring that your logo, designs, stylized type and bar code stay clean and readable.

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  • Applications:
    • Asset Tracking

  • Materials:
    • Material: .002" thick white, silver or clear polypropylene
    • Affixing Method: .002" thick pressure sensitive adhesive that provides excellent adhesion to plastic surfaces. Optional adhesives available.
    • Environment: Mild and moderate. Resists moderate solvents and caustics/acids.
    • Numbering Options: Copy only, serialized/unserialized numbers and bar code with human readable numbers
    • Delivery: 3-4 Weeks after receiving an order.

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