Library Item Barcode Labels
Archival barcodes for accurate check-in and check-out


Our High Performance item labels are just part of our complete offering of printing solutions for all your labeling needs – from high quality pre-printed labels to sophisticated printing systems.

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  • Benefits:
    • Get pre-printed item barcode labels fast, our template-based design helps us pass savings on to you, with labels that are pre-printed with your barcodes and no duplicates guaranteed.
    • Get custom made labels, we can design and supply labels in different sizes or with color stripes for easy category recognition.
    • Maintain control of your collection, these easy to apply solutions equally affix to paperbacks and hardbacks, and provide an archival solution at a low cost.

  • Features:
    • Guaranteed Performance – high grade, moisture-resistant material protects the image from fading over time.
    • Custom Options – color stripes, logos, and other graphics can be added to enhance your identifier.
    • Reduce workload - order spine labels, printing systems, and CD/DVD labels and receive a closed loop solution.

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