Non-metal Asset Tracking Labels


We offer three different styles of polyester labels for different applications. Check out our VALUMARK, CRAFTMARK, Premium Polyester and STYLEMARK labels to help with asset tracking and OEM product identification.

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Products are listed in order of durability starting with VALUMARK as an entry level label up to STYLEMARK, which is the most durable of all the non-aluminum products.

  • "VALUMARK" Labels
    • Flexible material and design options - ideal for indoor asset tracking applications.

    • Designed for a variety of applications, pliable enough to conform to curved surfaces and durable enough to resist caustics, solvents and mild abrasion.

  • "CRAFTMARK" Labels
    • Our thickest polyester and a .0035" thick adhesive outperforms any standard polyester label.

  • "STYLEMARK" Labels
    • Durable, abrasion-resistant material gives a unique textured, non-reflective finish